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Wann gelten die EU-Harmonisierungsrechtsvorschriften für Produkte?

Transitional Arrangements for the EU Declaration of Conformity as a Result of the Alignment to Decision No 768/2008/EC

Keine Übergangsbestimmungen für den Inhalt der EU-Konformitätserklärung

Union harmonisation legislation does not necessarily foresee a transitional solution for the information to be included in the EU Declaration of Conformity when existing legislation is replaced by a new one. This is the case for the Directives which have been revised to be aligned to the reference provisions of Decision No 768/2008/EC88. The essential requirements in most of these Directives are not modified and there is no transitional period for referring to the old or new Directives. Furthermore, where relevant, aligned Directives specify that certificates issued under the old Directive remain valid under the new Directive. As of their entry into force, the EU Declaration of conformity will need to include the reference to the new Directives for the products placed on the market to be considered as compliant.

Union harmonisation legislation in most cases only specifies the mandatory minimum content of the EU Declaration of Conformity but additional useful information is generally accepted. Manufacturers may make use of this flexibility and start using the new model structure set out in the Annexes of the aligned directives ahead of their entry into application. Where products comply with the requirements of both the …

Autor: Elisabeth Wirthmüller

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